Terms Of Use

  1. Definitions

Web page – Kiflab.eu domains: Kiflab.eu

The content has the following definition:

The entire information of the web page can be seen by using electronic device;

The content of all electronic messages, sent to USER or CUSTOMER from Kiflab®, by using electronic tools and/or other communication tools;

Any other information addressed to USER or CUSTOMER, received by an employee of Kiflab®, regardless of the communication method;

Information, related to products, services and/or taxes, applied by Kiflab® in any given period;

Information, related to products, services and/or taxes applied by Partners of Kiflab® in any given period;

Information, related to Kiflab® or any information published by Kiflab®;

SERVICE – Electronic trade service, which is taking place in the public sections of the Web page, with the purpose of allowing the customer the ability to purchase products and/or services by using electronic tools, including communication tools used for distant communication (ex. Telephone, standard letter, internet, e-mail, etc.).

MEMBER – Public or private or legal entity, possessing or acquiring access to the CONTENT by any kind of communication tools (ex. Telephone, electronic communication tools, etc.) or by an agreement between Kiflab® and third parties, which requires the use of ACCOUNT.

USER ACCOUNT – Element, consisted of e-mail and password, which allows only one MEMBER to access restricted areas of the Web page and gain access to the SERVICES.

CUSTOMER - Public or private or legal entity, possessing or acquiring access to the CONTENT or SERVICES after obtaining USER ACCOUNT.

DOCUMENT – The present General Terms and Conditions.

CONTRACT FOR DISTANT SALE – Any concluded contract, based on a proposal, by the supplier to the customer, as part of a sales system for sale of goods or provision of services where, from the date of the offer until the conclusion of the contract, the concerned parties are not in physical contact.

BROCHURE/NOTIFICATIONS – Information tools, mainly electronic informational tools, related to products, services and/or promotions, offered by Kiflab® in any given period, where Kiflab® does not take responsibility of the information provided.

TRANSACTION - collection or recovery of funds resulting from the sale of a product or service by Kiflab® to a CUSTOMER.

  1. General conditions

2.1. This Document sets out the general General Terms and Conditions under which a Member or a Customer may use the Website/Content/Services in the event where no other valid agreement between Kiflab® and a Member/Customer is available.

2.2. The use, including, but not limited to, access to, visit, and review of the Content and Services implies that the Member or Customer adheres to these General Terms and Conditions, except when the content is subject to special terms.

2.3. Access to the Services is only possible through the publicly available Kiflab®.eu web

2.4. By using the Website/Content/Services, the Member or the Customer is solely responsible for any consequences arising from such use. Furthermore, the Member or the Customer is responsible for any material, intellectual, electronic or any other kind of damages caused to the Website / Content / Services, Kiflab® or any other person with whom Kiflab® has a contract for partnership under the Bulgarian law.

2.5. If the Member or Customer does not agree and/or does not accept and/or cancel their agreement:

  • He/She declines: Access to Services; other Services, which Kiflab® offers by its Web page; receiving Brochures/Notifications or any other communication from Kiflab® (electronic communication, telephone, etc.) with no guarantee from Kiflab®;
  • Kiflab® will delete all personal information from its database without any subsequent obligations from one party to the other and without any party being liable for damages to the other;
  • At any given moment, the Member or Customer has the right to change his position, whether to accept or reject this document – as it is available at the time of the decision;

2.6. The Member/Customer can agree and accept this document – as it is available at the time of the decision.

2.7. To enforce his/her right, declared in article 2.5, The Member/Customer can contact Kiflab® or can use the internet connections he/she has received from Kiflab® for this purpose.

2.8. The Customer cannot withdraw his/hers consent with a reverse action for this document until there is contract in place or until he/she has repaid all the funds due under the contract with Kiflab®.

2.9. If the Customer has paid all funds due under the contract with Kiflab® and withdraw his/hers consent for this document while an order is being processed, Kiflab® will terminate the order without incurring any additional obligations and without any party being liable for any damages incurred.

2.10. This Web page is addressed only to Members, who have turned 18 years of age or older, and have not been denied access by Kiflab® for any reason. Online orders are available worldwide with no restrictions as per the location. In terms of meaning, the Membership signify that the Member/Customer is an adult (he/she has turned 18 years of age or more).


  1. Content

3.1. All content, including, but not limited to, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content posted on the Web page are owned by Kiflab® or third parties, in which case the content may be accompanied by a reference to its Intellectual property owner, for which Kiflab® is licensed to use. There are additional sections on the Kiflab® web site which also present content posted and provided by another site - Facebook. Any Customer/Member who publishes comments in the sections provided by Facebook agrees to the Kiflab® ‘s General Terms and Conditions. Kiflab® is not responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and usefulness of user comments and user-generated content on the web page.

3.2. The Member/Customer, cannot copy, transfer, modify or make any changes, use, connect with, publish, include any content in any other context besides the one used by Kiflab®, including any content from Kiflab®’s Web page, removing images, brands, distribution materials ready for production, modify or publish content without the explicit consent from Kiflab®.

3.3. Any content, to which the Member/Customer has access to is protected by this document, unless, there is an explicit consent form, written, signed and stamped by Kiflab®, allowing the Member/Customer to use the content in question.

3.4. Member/Customer can copy, transfer and or exhibit the content for solely personal and non-commercial purposes, but only if they are not in conflict with the directives in this Document.

3.5. If Kiflab® grants a Member/Customer the right to use the Content under a separate agreement to which the Member/Customer has or acquires access differs from that described in this document, the right extends only to the content defined in the agreement only while the content is available on тhe Web page or within the period described in the Agreement under the General Terms and Conditions specified in the Agreement only if it exists and does not constitute confidential information provided by Kiflab® to that Member, Customer or other third party who hold/gain access to the transferred content in any way that access can be withdrawn in any way during or after the period of the Agreement.

3.6. No Content transferred to a Member or Customer through any communication channels (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by a Member or Customer by access, visit or view does not constitute a contractual obligation for Kiflab® and / or the employee of the Kiflab® that made the transfer of the content in the cases where it is known and is related to the content.

3.7. Any use of the Content for purposes other than those explicitly mentioned in this document or any other accompanying it, if any, is prohibited.

3.8. Any legitimate company has the right to request the deletion of a separate opinion or Content if it violates its rights in any way. Kiflab® has the right to notify its Customers / Members about the reasons why a Content has been removed.


  1. Contact

4.1. Kiflab® publishes on the Web page its full and accurate identification data as well as its contact details for a Member or Customer.

4.2. By using the contact form provided on the Web page, the Member or the Customer allows Kiflab® to contact him using the available tools, including electronically.

4.3. Partial or complete contact form does not oblige Kiflab® to contact the Member or the Customer.

4.4. Access to the web page, the use of the information provided, the visit to its pages or the sending of e-mail notifications addressed to Kiflab® is done electronically, by telephone or via other tools available to the Member or the Customer, which constitutes a presumption that the Member or the Customer agrees to receive Kiflab®’s notifications electronically and / or by phone, including e-mail communications or web page announcements.

4.5. Kiflab® reserves the right not to respond to all requests of any kind received by any method (electronic way, telephone, etc.).


  1. Brochure and Notifications

5.1. When a Member or Customer creates an Web page Profile, the such is accepting the Terms of Service, he/she agrees, by default, also to receive Kiflab®’s Brochures and / or Notifications.

5.2. All information collected from a Member or Customer to be able to receive Brochures and / or Notices will be used by Kiflab® within the confidentiality policies.

5.3. The refusal to receive a Brochure and / or Notification by a Member or Customer may be made at any time by contacting Kiflab® according to the contact details and without any further obligation from one Party to the other and without any of parties should be held responsible for any damages whatsoever.

5.4. The refusal to receive Brochures and / or Notifications does not imply that the Customer or the Member rejects, amends or refuses to accept the Document.

5.5. Kiflab® reserves the right to choose to whom to send Brochures and / or Notices and to remove from its database a Member or Customer who has given their consent to receive Brochures and / or Notices without any future engagements by Kiflab® ® or additional notice.

5.6. Kiflab® will not include in the Brochures and / or Notices to a Member or Customer any other advertising information relating to third parties not affiliated with Kiflab® at the time of sending the Brochure and / or the Notification.


  1. Privacy policy


6.1. Kiflab® collects personal data from Customer accounts on its website, but only with the voluntary consent of the Member or the Customer for the following purposes:

  • Confirmation, delivery and invoicing of an order;
  • Cancellations of orders and any other issues related to an order or contract for purchased products or services;
  • Providing access to services;
  • Sending Brochures and / or Notifications only by electronic method;
  • Contacting a Member or a Customer with his / her voluntary consent;
  • Customer service or statistical purposes;

6.2. Kiflab® may collect other information (IP address, visit time, web site access, web browser name and version, operating system, including other parameters), without the explicit consent of the Customer or the Member, and any other data provided from the web browser through which the web page is accessed and can be used by Kiflab® to improve the Services provided to Customers and Members or for statistical purposes; Kiflab® does not provide this data to third parties except in cases where the actions of the Customer / Member violates the Document and/or the actions of the Member/Customer are a detriment of the interests or cause any harm to Kiflab® and / or third parties, with which Kiflab® has business agreement or any services at that time.

6.3. The Customer has the right to oppose the collection of personal information and request its deletion, thereby withdrawing its consent with respect to the Document and waiving any rights described therein without any further obligation to either side and / or without any of the parties to be liable for any damages to the other, but only in compliance with the provision of Art. 2.8.

6.4. In order to exercise its rights under Art. 6.3, Customer or Member is contacting Kiflab® through the contact information described on the Web page at that time of the event.

6.5. By using the web page templates, the Customer or the Member has the right to change the data originally provided by him / her to declare a change if such has been done.

6.6. The privacy policy of Kiflab® is based only on information that is voluntarily provided by a Customer or a Member only on the Web page. Kiflab® is not responsible for the Privacy Policy, practiced and enforced by third parties, which can be accessed via any Internet connection outside of the Web page.

6.7. Kiflab® undertakes to use the collected data only in accordance with the stated purposes and not to entrust, sell, lease, license, transfer, etc. its database containing personal and special information about the Customer / Customer of third parties who are not connected to the achievement of the stated objectives.

6.8. Except in cases where the transfer / access / examination / other of the information is required by authorized parties for by the mandatory rules of law in force at the time of the occurrence of the event.

6.9. Kiflab® guarantee that User's personal data collected through the contact form will only be used while the communication problem is solved, after which the personal data will remain as statistical information only.

6.10. Kiflab® is not responsible for any malfunctions that may endanger the security of the server storing the database containing personal information.


  1. Internet sales policy

7.1. Access to Services

  • Access to services is granted to any Member who has created an Account.
  • In order an access to Services to be granted, the Member must accept the provisions of this Document.
  • Kiflab® may restrict the access to Services to any Member, depending on his/her past behavior.
  • Each Customer / Member may have only one Account on the Web page. Kiflab® prevents you from sharing one Account between multiple Customers.
  • In the event of the situations described in paragraph 7.1.4. in the Document, Kiflab® reserves the right to terminate or restrict the access of the Customer to the Services.


7.2. Products and Services

  • Kiflab® may publish information on the Web page, related to products, services and / or promotions offered by Kiflab® or by third parties with whom Kiflab® has a partnership agreement or any other services over a specified period and in accordance with the availability of stock.
  • The products and / or services purchased through the Web page are for the sole and personal use of the Customer
  • Kiflab® may restrict the ability to purchase available products or services at any time for one or more Customers.
  • All prices related to presented products or services are in Bulgarian Lev BGN and include Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • The prices displayed on the website and crossed with a line indicate the price recommended by the manufacturer for sale in stores and other retail outlets where discounts are not applied. These prices are informative and have no legal value.
  • Invoicing of purchased products is only in Bulgarian Lev (BGN).
  • All of the information used to describe products and / or services on the website (text / static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / others) is not a contractual obligation for Kiflab®, but only a way of presenting it.
  • When presenting products / services, Kiflab® reserves the right to use other products (accessories, etc.) that may not be included in the price of the product.


7.3. Validity of the offer

  • Kiflab® reserves the right to change prices of products and / or services available without first notifying the Member or Customer.
  • The price of the products and services is valid for the current order in accordance with the stock availability.
  • The price of the promotional products and services is valid for the time of the order and with accordance to the stock availability and / or during the promotional period, if any.
  • The price of purchased products or services cannot be changed after the order has been made, except with an agreement between both parties.
  • The price of purchased products and / or services under a contract as of Art. 7.6.3. from the Document, cannot be changed.
  • The Customer may reject the contract products and / or services purchased under contract, referring to item 7.9.


7.4. Internet order

7.5. The customer can order the products offered at any time via the web page.

7.6. By completing the order, the Customer agrees that all the information required for the purchasing process is accurate and complete at the time of the order, also called in the Document - Completed Order.

7.7. By completing the order, the Customer agrees that Kiflab® can contact him/her through all available / approved by Kiflab® tools in relation with the following situations:

  • Confirmation of the availability and quantity of the products purchased by the Customer.
  • Confirmation of the value of the order made in accordance with Art., Including for other value-added services (e.g. delivery, etc.), depending on the situation,
  • Product delivery arrangements.
  • Kiflab® may unilaterally terminate an order made by Customer by notifying him/her in advance without any further obligation on either party and without any party being liable for damages in the following cases:
    • The information provided by the Customer on the web page is incomplete and / or invalid;
    • The actions of the Customer on the Web page may cause / causing damage of any kind to Kiflab® and / or its partners;
    • If two consecutive Customer orders have not been successfully completed.
    • For no reason whatsoever;
  • The Customer may reject the order made in case Kiflab® or a third person contacts the Customer, in relation of the hypotheses under Art. 7.4.3.
  • Once the Customer has confirmed and paid the order amount, or Kiflab® confirms the order, it is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Distance Selling Agreements governed by current Bulgarian law.
  • The details of the order, including but not limited to the delivery time, are not a contractual obligation for Kiflab®, and no party is liable for damage caused by the delivery of any of the parties.
  • If the Customer changes his or her personal information through the templates available on the Web page, all existing contracts in effect at that time remain in force with the information provided / accepted by the Customer prior to the change.


  • Order by phone
    • Customer / Member can place an order by phone and/or email.


  • Contract and execution
    • Kiflab® will include into the delivery package all necessary documents, certificates, etc. of the products / services purchased by the Customer.
    • Kiflab® will inform the Customer of the status of the contract and/or order.
    • All contractual obligations are considered completed once all documents and certificates of the purchase are attached to the contract by Kiflab®


8. Delivery

  • 8.1. Customer / Member can chose a different shipping company for the order or to chose the selected shipping company by kiflab®.
  • 8.2. The shipping takes from 1 to 5 business days after completing the order, but does not exceed 30 calendar days. If the product can't be delivered, kiflab® undertakes to inform the Client about this and to recover the amount paid by him / her.
  • 8.3. kiflab® does not add an additional surcharge for the delivery. The customer will pay the delivery fee when receiving the product in an office of his preferred shipping company or to the courier when choosing a home or office delivery.


  • Quality and guarantees
    • Some of the products may have a contractual warranty and this will be mentioned in the product’s description during its exclusive sale on the web page. The exact details related to such warranty are provided with the product’s accompanying documents and no Member of Customer may claim a longer warranty period than the explicitly stated in the warranty. This means that the guarantee of the products offered by Kiflab® is the same as that offered by Kiflab®’s suppliers.
    • Kiflab® does not guarantee the availability of any product / service that can be purchased from the website.


  • Return of products
    • A Kiflab® customer can return the purchased products according to the contractual relationship in the following situations:
      • The product has serious damages of its physical entity, its packaging and its contents;
      • Products are delivered or invoiced incorrectly;
      • The products have factory defects.
      • The consumer is entitled, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to withdraw from the distance contract within 14 days according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. In this case, the Customer is responsible for the direct costs of returning the products / services. Replacement or return is possible only if the product is not used and its Commercial type is intact.
    • The customer is obliged to inform Kiflab® of his intention to return the purchased products by any means of written communication (e-mail, fax or other) within 14 days of receipt of the products and / or services if he/she takes advantage of his / her right under Art.
    • A Customer who has notified Kiflab® in accordance with Art. 7.9.2 is responsible for returning the products in question to Kiflab® no later than 10 days after the notification, otherwise Kiflab® will consider the request for return to be invalid and not producing any legal effect.
    • Kiflab®’s Customer cannot return a product purchased on a contractual basis and / or claim damages / compensation in the following situations:
      • To replace a purchased product with another with different characteristics or a different type of product, except in the cases described in Art.;
      • The request for refund caused by any situation pertaining to Art. 7.9.1. has been filed in a period exceeding the 7 working days provided for in Art. from the working day following the date of conclusion of the contract.
      • In the case of return of a product due to one of the reasons referred in Art. 7.9.1. and the returned product is not in the state in which it was delivered (in the original package with all labels attached and with all accompanying documents).
      • Kiflab® reserves the right not to take back products which by their nature cannot be returned or subject to rapid deterioration, or there is a risk of deterioration in their qualities such as creams, conditioners and any other cosmetic products. The Member / Customer will be notified on the product's page whether they can be returned or not.
    • In the event of a refund of the value of the product, this will be done within 30 days of the confirmation of the return.
      • The value of the product is the final price paid by the customer at the time of the order with the accrued discounts on his part.
      • All discount cards used apply only to the order to which they are applied and are not refundable.
    • In case of substitution of a product with identical according to Art., The replacement will be made under the General Terms and Conditions of a regular order.
    • In the event Customer returns a product in accordance with Art., But Kiflab® does not have an identical product to replace it, Kiflab® obliges to refund the value of the product to the Customer in accordance with Art. 8.9.5.
    • Any costs for additional services, including but not limited to the delivery of the products, are paid by the Customer and cannot be refunded.
    • In any case, the cost of returning, re-sending shall be at the expense of the Customer, except in the cases of Art., ,, where Kiflab® will bear the cost of delivery.


  1. Misuse of personal data
    • Kiflab® does not require confidential information, bank accounts / bank card data or personal passwords from its Customers or Users via any means of communication (e-mail / telephone / SMS / other).
    • Exceptions to Art. 8.1. are only corporate customers, in order for Kiflab® to know the account number, respectively the bank in which the Customer has an account, and the information will be used to issue order invoices.
    • The Customer / Member (solely and exclusively) has full responsibility for sharing confidential information with third parties.
    • Kiflab® takes no liability whatsoever if a Member / Customer is held responsible by third parties who represent themselves as Kiflab®'s representatives.
    • The Customer or the Member obliges to inform Kiflab® in case such attempts arise, using the available contact forms.
    • Kiflab® does not distribute unsolicited commercial communications in accordance with the E-Commerce Act. Any Member / Customer who has explicitly provided an e-mail address on the web page may choose to disable the Customer account corresponding to that e-mail address.
    • The contacts made by Kiflab® through remote communication tools (such as e-mail) contain complete and consistent information about the sender and links to the sender at the time of sending.
    • The following objectives, whether achieved or not, will be considered as an attempt to mislead the Web page/ Content and / or Kiflab® and appropriate legal action will be taken against this or those who are attempting or have achieved the following objective (s):
      • Access to any kind of data of another Member / Customer using an Account or any other method;
      • Change or other modification of the content of the Web page or Content sent in any way by Kiflab® to its Members / Customers;
      • Impacting in any way the work of the server / servers of the web page.
      • Access or share with third parties who do not possess the right to access the Content, transmitted in any way by Kiflab® to Members or Customers when the content received is not received by its legitimate recipient.


  1. Obligation
    • Kiflab® is not responsible for any person or company using the Content.
    • Kiflab® is not responsible for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental or otherwise) resulting from the use or inability to use information about the type of content presented on the Web page, or any errors or omissions in Content that can cause harm.
    • If a Member or Customer believes that Content sent in any way by Kiflab® infringes a copyright or other right, he / she may contact Kiflab® through the available contact channels so that Kiflab® can take an informed decision.
    • Kiflab® does not guarantee to a Member or Customer access to the Web page or to the Services and does not grant the right for downloading, partial or full modification, full or partial copying of the Content, copying or using the Content in any other way, transferring to third parties content to which he / she has / has gained access under the terms of this document without the explicit written permission from Kiflab®.
    • Kiflab® is not responsible for the Content, quality or type of other Internet sites reached through Internet links from the content of the Web page, regardless of the type of links. The responsibility for these websites is entirely held by their owners.
    • Kiflab® takes no responsibility in an event of the use of web pages and / or content sent to a Member or Customer by any communication channel (electronic, telephone, other), through Kiflab®’s web page, e-mail or employees of Kiflab®, when using of the content may harm or generate any harm to the Member / Customer and / or third parties involved in the transmission of the content.
    • Kiflab® does not offer any direct or indirect warranties that:
      • The service will meet the requirements of the Customer;
      • The service will be undamaged, secure and free of error.
      • The products / services obtained free of charge or purchased from the website will satisfy the requirements or expectations of the Customer.
    • The Operators, Managers and / or Owners of the Web page are not responsible in any way for damages that follow, but are not limited to, acquisitions, special offers, promotions, professional promotions or other type of connection / transaction / cooperation / other that may occur between a Customer or a Member and one of those who directly or indirectly advertise using the Web page.


  1. Force majeure circumstances
    • Except where expressly stated otherwise, any party to a contract that is still in force shall not be liable for a breach, in whole or in part, and / or in cases where the obligations are beyond the terms of the contract and/or in cases, where the obligations of the contract are not met, as a result of force majeure circumstances.
    • The legal or legal representative of a person who relies on force majeure circumstances must immediately and profoundly notify the other about the occurrence and take steps to prevent its consequences.
    • The Party or its legitimate representative, who relies on the above-mentioned event, is released only if the occurrence of the event prevents him/her from completing the contract in good faith.
    • If, within 15 days of the occurrence of the event, it cannot be overcome, each party shall have the right to request from the other, termination of the contract without any party being liable for damages.
    • A party relying on force majeure circumstances must prove its inability to perform its duties within 30 days of the occurrence of the event but only within the framework of Article 10.3.


  1. Court case
    • By using / visiting / viewing / other of any Content sent by Kiflab® to its Members / Customers, accessible and / or delivered by any of the communication channels (electronic / telephone / other), the person agrees to these General General Terms and Conditions.
    • Any dispute related to these General General Terms and Conditions that may occur between Member / Customer and Kiflab® will be resolved by mutual consent.
    • Kiflab® is not responsible for any damages, lost profits, costs, claims or other liabilities if they occurred in the event of non-compliance with these General General Terms and Conditions.
    • Any disputes (excluding Article 11.2) that may arise between Member/Customer and Kiflab® or its business partners will be resolved by mutual consent. If this is not possible, they will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court in accordance with the Bulgarian law.
    • If any of the terms or conditions mentioned above are, or are found to be invalid or invalid, for any reason, this will not affect the validity of the other conditions.
    • The document has been prepared and will be interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian law.


  1. Final conditions
    • Kiflab® reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions and any changes made to the Web page, its structure and Services, including any changes that would affect the Web page and / or its content without prior notice to Members or Customers.
    • Kiflab® is not responsible for any errors that may occur on the Web page for any reason, including those caused by changes, settings, or other errors not made by the Web page administrator.
    • Kiflab® reserves the right to publish advertising banners of any kind and / or links to any part of the website in accordance with the applicable laws.


  1. Feedback
    • If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Kiflab®, please contact us by phone (0888 333 583) from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00 or by email to office@kiflab.eu.
    • Any comments, questions, opinions, ideas, suggestions, or other information concerning the Kiflab®.eu website, its functionality or improvements will remain the property of Keflab Ltd.